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The famous English tea has always been the backbone of the English way of life. As the British will say: Let’s have a cup of tea before we save the world  from going under. The famous afternoon tea originated from the mid 1800 century, and as legend has it when the Duchess of Bedford felt slightly hungry between meals. Not meant as a meal, but just as a snack. Served in the living room on the low tables and therefore called low Tea. The contrasting high Tea (or just Tea) is referred to the working class as the family hot meal, at the dining room with the high chairs, thus High Tea. Today tourist and non-British may wrongly refer to Low tea as High tea, maybe referring to the custom of teatime of the upper-class.


Historically afternoon tea was considered a Ladies social occasion. Today afternoon tea has become the third meal of the day (along with Breakfast and tea (Dinner), and served in the afternoon.


Many of the restaurants and hotels in London have afternoon tea. Together with tea, it is a custom to serve cucumber or egg finger sandwiches, scones, jam and clotted cream. Most often served on a tall three or more story serving tray. A glass of Champagne goes fantastic with tea. The Ritz, Claridge's and Harrods are some of the great traditional places for Afternoon Tea. You have to book in advance and don't forget to skip lunch.