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The Duck and Waffle is the sister restaurant to the SushiSamba, both located in the Heron Tower high rise. Together they span respectively the 38th and 40th floors. Other restaurants in the same chain are found across the USA, places like in New York, Miami ....


According to the gossip, when researching for the new concept for their second restaurant in the Heron Tower, following SushiSamba, the creators started with the menu from their Miami restaurant. Here a favourite dish combines Chicken and waffle, but for the London restaurant they choose Duck and Waffle in partnership. And where there is waffle there is maple syrup, making it a great dish. This became the signature dish and the name of the restaurant.


The menu spans the protein dictionary, with Oyster and a seafood bar. Exciting smaller dishes with smoked mozzarella, Bacon wrapped dates, Beef carpaccio, fish meatballs. The main courses such as 500gr beef or a whole chicken are big, but here are also dishes recommended for sharing. The mix found on the menu are imaginative and delicious, with British and European flavours.


Like that of the SushiSamba, the view from the Duck and Waffle is amazing. A tip is to ask for a table at the time of the blue hour, approximately 7 o`clock - in the evening!


The reason we have to empathise this is that the restaurant is open 24 hrs. Choose from breakfast at 6 am, brunch or lunch, dinner or even late night meal until 5am.


Here is also a separate room for private dinning for up to 18 people, with floor to ceiling views of London.



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Book direct from the restaurant:

Duck & Waffle

110 Bishopsgate

London EC2N 4AY

Tel: +44 20 3640 7310