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D&D London are following up their success with The German Gymnasium with a new restaurant concept in the new Nova building in Victoria Street.


In the first week of february 2017 they opened a Scandinavian-French inspired restaurant concept which consist of a deli, bar and cafe at the ground floor and a restaurant at the first floor.


In the deli you can pick up sandwiches and salads. The cafe is open all day and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late snack until 1045 in the evening.


The menu is rich and contains both Nordic classics, smørgåsbord and open sandwiches and some French brasserie style dishes. The restaurant offers head chef Helena Poulakka' French-Nordic food.



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Book direct from the restaurant:

Aster Restaurant

150 Victoria St, Westminster,

London SW1E 5LB

Tel: +44 20 3875 5555