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There is much more to Danish cuisine than "the famous Danish". Yes the Danes do have a sweet tooth - try the amazing ice- cream in home-made cones with a chocolate meringue on top - but the Danish kitchen can boast of some amazing dishes and great restaurants.


Typical for the Danish cuisine is the use of fresh ingredient form the sea and a strong focus on the seasons. Combine this with great Scandinavian design, and you have a wealth of great restaurants. The city's restaurant scene has changed radically the last five years, and recently the Danish capitol was awarded 17 Michelin stars. Unfortunately some of our favourites has closed down, like Jacobsen at Klampenborg, Cafe Ultimo in Tivoli and Custom House. The last one is replaced by The Standard, three new restaurants, where Studio received its first Michelin star recently - so changes is not a bad thing.


Most restaurant serve both lunch and dinner, but often location, menu or even design favours a particular time of the day.